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Tza0024 Chronograph Smart Watch - Black
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Tza0024 Chronograph Smart Watch - Black

This smartwatch is for those who are looking for a smartwatch with non-intrusive way of providing notifications and with long battery life, Tza0024 got a new wearable with these features, introducing the Tza0024 smartwatch.

Although the  size is  huge on its size, still it has a sporty look with glossy steel body, and a soft silicon band with stainless steel buckle.  it is more casual/sporty yet classy look, and the glossy black color makes it more appealing making it look premium, but if you are not a fan of black, a stainless steel version is also available

The Tza0024  is different from the smartwatch that you are used to have, instead of a text display the Tza0024  provide notifications by blinking icons and beeps. It might not provide a much detailed information, but it’s enough to notify you that someone is calling or sending a message, it is great way of notifying you in a non-intrusive way.

Although navigating your Tza0024 is by manually pressing the physical buttons, other functions do automatically monitor and calculates. The main buttons for cycling through the list of features is the “Mode” button press it to navigate to calendar, pedometer, calorie counter, distance counter, alarm, timer. Switching through different mode is easy and fast, the buttons on the smartwatch is very responsive so far.

Regarding the button, the Mode has the main function and most of the time it’s the button that you need to press to cycle on its features and of course the Light/Bluetooth button at night and to connect to smartwatch, while the reset, start buttons is just used in combination with the “Mode” to adjust the settings of the watch.

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