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Spy Video Camera Rattrapantc 8GB Watch
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How to use Rattrapantc spy watch

  • Items are listed by the hour mark they are nearest (ie. 12 is the top, 6 is the bottom)
  • “Press” means push the button in and immediately release it, “Hold” means push the button in and don’t release it until the light start flashing.

5: Status Indicator Light

  • This light has both a red and a blue led to signal what the watch is doing.
  • Solid blue means the watch is in standby mode.
  • The light will be off during video recording mode.

5: The Camera Lens

  • This is the lens of the camera.

7: Power and Start/Stop Video Record

  • When the Camera is off, hold Button 7 until the red and blue lights come on, the red will turn off when it is ready for use.
  • Press Button 7 once and the blue will flash then turn off, it is now recording.
  • When you press Button 7 again the blue light will flash and it will stop recording.
  • Hold Button 7 again until the red light flashes and goes out, it is now off.

4: Microphone

  • The microphone is covered by a Button Cap with a hole in it to allow better sound recording.

9: USB Socket

  • The SCW0720U8 comes with a special cord needed to connect the watch to a computer or other device in order to access the stored information and to charge the battery.
  • When connected to the computer, the watch acts just like any USB drive.
  • Remove the cap by turning it counter clockwise.
  • Insert the USB cord into the hole and then plug the USB A into a computer.
  • Warning: If you plug the USB into the computer first then into the watch, you may short out the USB port on the computer. Restarting the computer usually resets it.

10: Photo Button

  • When the SCW0720U8 is in standby (solid blue light) press Button 10 to take a photo.
  • The red light will come on and then go back to blue when the photo is saved.

3: Time Adjustment

  • The SCW0720U8 really does tell time and you can adjust the hands by pulling the knob out a little and turning it.
  • The watch hands do make a ticking sound that can be heard on voice or video recordings, you can stop this by pulling the knob out half way stopping the hands. (You will have to reset the hands when you are done recording.)

Error messages

  • If for some reason the watch stops responding even though it is fully charged, you can reset the watch by holding Buttons 10 and 2.
  • When the storage is full the light will flash blue/red for 5 seconds and shut down.
  • When the battery is low the light will flash blue/red for 5 seconds and shut down.

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