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Tanzania’s Industrialization Journey
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It (the private sector)needs nursing, before you can have it. So you nurse it. This is what the Asian countries have done, and they go on nursing it. so the Japanese did it. Korea-tough,tough. Its only now that they are beginning to open up their market. How do you open up your market to big competitos?This is ridiculous.Its like -in the world of boxing there are heavyweights;middleweights;flyweights;featherweight. And although the rules are the same you put them separately, in separate rings. The heavyweights in their own ring;the middleweights in their own ring.You dont put in the same ring a heavyweight and a fetherweight.Never.Never. How do you do that? That is murder. But thats what the Big 7 are telling us to do. That Germany and Burkina Faso should get in the same ring.And that is called globalisation;freedom;liberalisation. this is nonsense. This is absolute nonsense. You protect the weak until they become strong before they can compete.Always.This is the rule. This is rule everywhere.

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