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Set your budget up


Okay guys, it is important to start with setting a budget. The right budget will help you limit your desires to fit in your pocket.


But remember you can always things that you like to your bag.


It is only when you are checking out that you need to reconsider as per your budget and there is always the option of creating a wishlist on cart in Michongo


Be Prompt


Over the years you do develop a basic idea as to what type of products suit you and what you are comfortable in.


Remember that the models have a different body structure, complexion and those beautiful lights and photographers.


Remember to be realistic when you buy for yourself.


Do Your Research


Shopping online for colognes, frames etc.? Make sure you go through my individual articles with specific instructions for the same before you make your decision.


As for clothes, match the product sizes you wish to buy with the ones you already own.


It takes some time to get the hang of it all. Sometimes you may order the wrong size.


But return policies are easy. Buy only from trusted websites with easy return policies.

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