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The technologies that make the World Wide Web and e-commerce possible have some potentially negative components. Privacy issues are a major concern for many, since there are the means to collect consumer information easily with digital tools.


Any brick and mortar store can become an e-commerce business by adding a virtual storefront with an online catalog. In most cases, e-business refers exclusively to Internet businesses, but it may also refer to any business that uses Internet technology to improve productivity and profitability.


Advantages to Vendors


E-businesses have distinct advantages over brick and mortar stores. First, they can be found with search engines without the use of pricey advertising campaigns.


Beyond this, e-business allows vendors to track purchases and preferences of customers, leading to marketing catered to each individual.


Advantages for e-commerce, which also extend to e-business, are great monetary savings (because of fewer employees and low overhead) and the ability to reach consumers across the globe.


Advantages to Consumers


Consumers can access e-commerce and e-businesses at any time of the day or night, from their workplace or in their pajamas.


Consumers can search through countless products and services using online databases. Prices are quickly compared online to find the business that offers the best products at the best prices.


Consumers are quickly exposed to e-business because it uses more targeted marketing and offers more in-depth education compared to traditional businesses.


Michongo is unlike other online platform, we are investing in digital business with localization to make it successful in Tanzania. Michongo will help you to:-


- Slash your budget by spending less in online marketing. There is no hidden cost to list your business on Michongo, and unlike other online platforms, Michongo uses attractive marketing methods such as Affiliate, coupon, buy for friend and more to attract more sell.


- Reduce your sales team by using Michongo Affiliate. The Commission you give to us, we will share with our Affiliate. In other terms, you are outsourcing sales department to Michongo and spent more time in other business matters.


- Sell more and faster by using Michongo social commerce strategies and discounted price. We will take small amount of our commission to share with customers so that, all products sold on Michongo will remain to be best offer in Town.


- Reduce warehouse time because you can push products faster.


- Use Michongo for promoting seasonal offers. Save more trees and space by using digital promotion of offers. If you have any offer, given to us so that can share with Michongo customers who are ready to grab it.


- More visibility through referral program. Michongo Affiliate will share your product on social media. It doesn’t matter whether you sell or not, but your product will reach thousands of online users.


- Assured Return on Investment (ROI), Michongo only take commission on successful sell. This means, we will only get our commission after you win, i.e. win-win situation.

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