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Michongo is among the importers and exporters products online, there are many challenges due to online business in developing countries like Tanzania, and one of those challenges is customers not trusting online business operators.

In ensuring our customer's trust and receive their products in quality and appearance as they ordered online, we introduced M-WALLET to enable vendors to know and see how payments are made and see how much he gets and even to release his financial information for business and brands.

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Also, the customer can see all the steps that go through the order when he makes the order, he pays and until he receives his product from the vendor in looking in status, by sending a coupon and scan the QR  code after receiving his/her products 

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  • Telephone: +255738678404
  • E-mail: info@michongo.co.tz
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© 2024 Michongo® Investments, All Rights Reserved